“Explain this to me as if I were 5”

This statement has echoed the halls of many organizations lately, especially in the field of consulting. When faced with seemingly impossible, complex issues, executives have resorted to using this phrase to challenge their teams to simplify the issue. The statement has gotten so popular that it has even been used frequently as an AI prompt (e.g., “explain nuclear physics as if I were 5” yields a surprisingly simple result).

Aesop, the Greek storyteller that some attribute to being the originator of fables themselves, has similarly embodied this statement of explaining complex issues with simple language. For example, he tactfully explained how individuals’ credibility may falter if they are dishonest (think the boy who cried wolf).

So, under Aesop’s tutelage, see the below for a few short stories that attempt to tackle issues and offer lessons related to organizations.

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Plate Expectations

Moving from Conflict into collaboration
Written & Read by Andrea Rycroft


written by Lauren Budzich