A collection of predictions and stories from the Organizational Dynamics community about what will come next as we move beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. The stories are written from the future, in March of 2022, and reflect on the imprints left by the pandemic on our organizational and personal lives.

Now What? by Brandon Beltz

Fatherhood by Nicholas Kokiko and Jesse Gemberling-Johnson

Dear Elana by Elana Burack

A Week in the Life: A Flash Forward to March 2022 :The Journal of a Young Professional in a Post-Great Reckoning World by Rebecca S. Krick 

A Glimpse Into the Future by Amber Abercrombie

An Adaption of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs for the Workplace- A Starting Guide for Our New Leaders by Emily Christiansen

Now What? by Ebighe Emafo

Now What? by Jason Knies

Now What? by Sully Salon

Making Over the Day by Emily Sheu