Stories of Organizational Transition

Stories are critical in how we conceptualize our experiences and communicate with others, and they are particularly useful tools for leaders during times of organizational transition.

Are you looking to prepare for and understand multiple types of transition from a series of viewpoints? If so, take a few moments to learn from your fellow OD community members in the stories below.

Leading Organizational Transition

The Announcement

Learn more about an unexpected visit from a high-ranking official that turned creative plans amok. This event became a lesson in the responsibilities that leaders have to their teams, especially under challenging circumstances.

The Tip of The Spear

What happens when we’re faced with a worst-case scenario? Hear how this leadership team came together to triumph through an impossible situation, using it as a catalyst for learning, process changes, and cultural development.

Participating In Organizational Transition

Discover how a career transition was successfully managed by putting ego to the side, leaning into the unknown, and remaining open to outside perspectives.