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Yes, stories. We would like to hear how the Organizational Dynamics program and/or specific learning from your classes has impacted you as a student, individual and professional.

Why me? 

Why not you? We want to hear from you! Your personal triumphs, struggles and transformations as a student contribute to the larger story of the Organizational Dynamics program. You are the story.

What are the benefits? 

By submitting a story, you will become part of a distinct group, a cadre of storytelling ambassadors, if you will, whose accounts of learning and application become a searchable resource and knowledge base for those in Organizational Dynamics program and community.

I’d like to share so what’s the next step?

Please fill out the form below, and we’ll get back to you with further details on publishing your story. Feel free to send a text-based submission (250-300 words/one-three paragraphs), an alternate media format (images, audio, video) via URL, and/or attach a file of your story we can view.

Potential topics to consider:

In a paragraph or two tell us about a professional or personal impact of the program, which could include stories that…

  • Tell us about a time when you used a lesson you learned in class
  • Recall a time when your perception changed about your work life or life in general
  • Illustrate a key moment when you realized the Organizational Dynamics program changed you
  • Describe one technique that you learned in the program and used in the business world
  • Convey what your favorite paper was about
  • Show something that surprised you about the Organizational Dynamics program
  • Recall a turning point in a class
  • Offer specific advice to current or future Organizational Dynamics students
  • Dramatize a favorite Organizational Dynamics moment


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