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Cornwall weekend

A perfect weekend in Cornwall, in the northwest corner of Connecticut. This is essentially the Berkshires — but lower rolling hills, more farmland, etc. I did a lot of running and walking and was fascinated by various objects and scenes seen from the road. Here, below, is a selection of...


Nabokov’s post-Holocaust story

Currently David Roberts and I are co-leading an online discussion group. We’re discussing two stories; one is Vladimir Nabokov’s “Symbols and Signs,” first published in the New York in May of 1948. I believe this is Nabokov’s post-Holocaust story. I asked the group (80 or so people from around the...


Back in the garden

Today was my first day back in the garden since last fall. We have a tiny space in the back of our West Philly home, along the alley back there. Planted greens (pak choy, spring mix, arugula) and tended the chard (coming up from last year) and chives. Click on...