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Video: on Primo Levi & forgiveness

David Roberts & I talked yesterday about Primo Levi, ‘The Periodic Table,’ and the problem of forgiveness—an interview for David’s terrific Substack series: . Here’s the video:  

A Mother’s Day note for Lois Filreis, 93 y.o.

In a few minutes I’ll connect by Facetime with my mom, Lois Filreis (now 93 y.o.). It’ll be our second convo of the day. This one will be about redoing access to some online account or other. I’m happy to be of help in this sort of thing at this...

Open Access principles

Sent to me by an avid ModPo participant who cares a good deal about the underlying ideas of teaching and learning that create the collaborative ModPo vibe: from a now-defunct Canadian journal, these tenets. I especially resonate with the idea of a “temporary, collectively held space.”