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Paris—May 31

Visits to the Shoah Memorial, Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation, Place des Vosges—and, later, with Spanish-Parisian poet Irene Torra Mohendano, to the Le104 public/open art center, Canal de l’Ourcq, and a squatter-style poets’ pop-up where we hung out with Colombia poet Jorge Torres Medina.

Answers to a few questions about MOOCs

Questions posed to me with a student in Germany doing a research project on MOOCs: Q. Technology has certainly made information more accessible, and it’s amazing to see the kind of pedagogy offered through MOOCs such as ModPo become freely available. The only drawback I see is a lack of...

Teaching online—a short statement

Someone asked me to write a short statement about online teaching. This is what I wrote: Teaching all-online courses—which I have done for many years by now—has completely refreshed my pedagogy. My students are intergenerational, diverse in all ways, typically geographically far-flung, and often living in communities underserved by educational...