A New Perspective

A few years ago I was looking for a graduate program to enhance my management skills in order to complement my job competencies in my current role as a financial decision-maker.  I was attempting to become an agent of change for my organization, moving the accounting function from being completely decentralized to a collaborative environment to capitalize on synergies and scale as the size of our organization began to double over the last 8 years. The program that I chose was Organizational Dynamics because I was impressed with the credentials of the faculty and their multi-disciplinary backgrounds, which I felt would provide a broad base for handling the issues that I would face in guiding my organization through this change.

What I discovered as I attended classes was that I was not a just spectator absorbing information, but an active participant in class discussions that were designed as an interactive and collaborative experience.  My fellow students provided varied insight and perspectives on the course material that I would not have originally seen, and classmates turned into colleagues which is what collaboration is all about.  The courses provide a starting point for investigation on a given topic, whether it was project management, sustainability, leadership, or management, but the true value of the program is the ability to have very stimulating conversation to find innovative solutions to your questions.

The program has been invaluable to the success of my work endeavors, and I have had a very rewarding experience from the program.  However, although the importance of the curriculum and faculty has provided for a tremendous educational experience, it has been the diversity of the students and interaction with my new colleagues that separates the OD program from any other graduate program.  The only problem with the program is that it is so valuable and enjoyable that you will never want it to end.

– David Palmisano