My Experience at OD

Coming from the last corner in the world, over the huge mountains of the Andes and the cold water of the Pacific, the experience at Organizational Dynamics was a vital challenge for me, my family, my life and my career.

As a person, my first challenge was to practice and live using another language, to understand the culture and to prove to myself that I was able to contribute to the program. The challenge for my family was to leave behind all our certainties, years of normal routines, and moving abroad with the basic material things to face a new system of life. As a life challenge, OD taught me about the American dream, not only because I met wonderful people but also because I was able to look at myself, accepting my weaknesses and understanding the power of being part of a team.

Finally, OD turned my career around. By pushing me to think deeply about people and our power inside organizations, I got to understand the power of diversity, culture, and the difficulties experienced from all the different perspectives at work.

Coming back to my country wouldn’t be possible without having overcome all the challenges that Organizational Dynamics showed me. My experience at Organizational Dynamics was a dream and you were all there to demonstrate to me that dreams do come true. I miss you guys!

Thank you.

– Ana Olivos