Dynamics of Dynamics

Marking the 40th anniversary of Dynamics by exchanging stories in which each of our adult lives intersects with the ever-changing bigger economic and cultural systems.

My story is emblematic of what it means to teach in Dynamics –  the mission to engage with each participant (I never say student) and create the chemistry for each person to engage with all the others.

Early on when Japan was the centerpiece in both technology and management, I invited the Vice President of Sony to speak to my seminar, Staying Competitive. After he had finishes, he asked if he might ask a question of our group. “Of course,” said I.

“We at Sony have a serious problem. What do you do about bureaucracy?”

All of the participants burst out laughing. Our guest said, “What did I say wrong?”

I responded, “no, sir. You must understand that when a situation is hopeless, we Americans laugh.”

– Nancy W. Bauer