New ModPo video on Creeley’s “The Language”

Today we have added to ModPo a new video in which we do a collaborative close reading of Robert Creeley’s “The Language.” Anna Strong and I moderate a discussion that includes six ModPo regulars: Mandana, Arif, Shoshana, Nadia, Ray, and Alonna. They joined us, via “GoogleHangout,” from near and far. Those already enrolled in ModPo will be able to click the links below and see the poem, hear Creeley perform the poem, and see the video recording of our close reading. If you are not enrolled, just go HERE (it’s free) and then enter the ModPo site and click the links below.

[] read Robert Creeley’s “The Language”: LINK TO TEXT

[] listen to Robert Creeley’s perform “The Language”: LINK TO AUDIO

[] watch discussion of Creeley’s “The Language”: LINK TO VIDEO


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