ModPo in London

Some members of the ModPo team spent nearly a week in London. We hosted a live webcast at Queen Mary University of London on Thursday, October 5th, and a meet-up on Saturday, October 7th at Birkbeck University of London, where with a group of 35 ModPo people who came from around the U.K. (and from Poland and Paris too) did collaborative close readings of two poems. Here are some photos from the trip:

With the Duchamp “Fountain” at Tate Modern.

We filmed a short video about Duchamp here by a copy of “Fountain” at Tate Modern.

Pound’s flat in Kensington on Church Walk.

Filming part of a video with Jeremy Dixon and Mandy Bloomfield — in front of H.D.’s flat across the courtyard from Pound’s flat.

In a 100+-year-old pub across the street from the British Museum — just after filming a video on H.D.’s “Epigram.”

From left: Zach, Chris, Mandy, Anna, Jeremy — outside the pub where we made a new ModPoPLUS video about H.D.

This was briefly H.D.’s flat in Kensington.

Moving the gear at the Tate Modern.

Al and former student Jeremy Kahn at a pub in Bloomsbury after the Saturday evening meet-up.

Karen (left) and Magdalena. Magdalena came to our meet-up all the way from Poland!

Al visited Whitechapel Gallery in East London on Sunday—whereupon one of the gallery staff recognized him. It’s Oscar Holloway, who was part of a group of ModPo’ers in Barcelona, Spain, a few years ago.

Getting ready for the webcast.

Jeremy Dixon and Anna at the webcast.

Some ModPo’ers in the audience at the webcast.

The Tate Modern.

Getting ready to make a new ModPo video on a poem by Sylvia Plath, at Primrose Hill park a block from Plath’s last flat.

At Plath’s flat in the Primrose Hill neighborhood.

Plath’s last flat had been the home of W.B. Yeats earlier.

Zach films close-ups of a Kurt Schwitters collage at the Tate Modern.

Looking back at the city from Primrose Hill.

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