Blinded by Love

Catullus 83
By Lily Nesvold

Overall, I took quite a few liberties in translating this poem. I did keep consistent with the tone of Catullus’ poem by employing a low language register, and I used many derogatory words to emphasize Catullus’ frustration. However, I decided to insert a parenthetical statement after the first two lines to emphasize Catullus’ hatred for Lesbia’s husband. Today, calling someone a “jerk” is so universal in the English language—the reader can instantly assess his character…

Barbarians: Ancient History, Reimagined

Barbarians: Ancient History, Reimagined
A Review of the New Netflix Series
By Sara Chopra, Margaret Dunn, and Olivia Wells

As the three Articles Editors of Discentes, each of whom happens to focus on a different aspect of the ancient world—Sara reads classical languages and literature, Margaret studies classical civilizations, and Olivia dedicates her work to Mediterranean archaeology—we decided to watch Barbarians ourselves and share some of our own thoughts on the popular series. Should Barbarians be the next show on your winter break Netflix binge list? Our answer—yes. Read our full review of its first season below to learn why…

The City in Peace

Iliad 18.490-508
By Stephen Jagoe

In this passage, Homer describes Achilles’ shield and the scenes that decorate it, specifically the “town in peace.” The imagery stands in direct contrast to the rest of the poem’s theme of war. It reminds the reader of the bygone days before the fighting started, and gives him hope that someday the fighting will stop…

A Conversation with Professor Kate Meng Brassel

A Conversation with Professor Kate Meng Brassel
By Elizabeth Vo-Phamhi

This fall, Professor Kate Meng Brassel joined Penn’s Department of Classics as a visiting assistant professor of classical studies. I was excited to get to know her, so we arranged to meet over Zoom for a Friday morning chat.

Professor Brassel received her B.A. from Columbia University, M.A. from Princeton University, M.Phil from the University of Cambridge, and her Ph.D. in Classics from Columbia University in 2018…

Discentes’ Spring 2021 Course Guide

Discentes Course Reviews
Our guide to Classical Studies and Ancient History course offerings this spring
By Sara Chopra

To give our classmates a better understanding of each course beyond its prospectus, syllabus, and PennInTouch description, we asked several members of our staff to reflect upon their past experiences with several of this year’s offerings. Read below to hear their thoughts, whether you’re a seasoned Classics major, considering a minor, or simply looking for an exciting course to fill a gap in your schedule…