A Guide to Mythological Retellings

A Guide to Mythological Retellings
By Maggie Yuan

From Circe to Lore Olympus, today’s literary landscape features more than just a few retellings of classical mythology. Whether you’re eager to learn more about Greco-Roman mythology or are simply in search of a new and interesting read, keep reading to find out which contemporary title should be the next addition to your list.

Why Classics?

“Why Classics?”
By Olivia Wells

When people ask me what I’m studying, I often find that they don’t understand what I mean by “classics,” and in the rare case that they do, they sometimes can’t wrap their head around why I’d want to major in it.

Sadly, it’s not hard to see why I, as well as other classics majors, often find ourselves defending our discipline. Once regarded as a foundational precept of humanities, classical studies has since seen a decline in popularity over the past century…

Minute-Long Myths

Minute-Long Myths – CLST 100 Crash Course
By Alicia Lopez

Your time in Classical Mythology may be coming to a close, but preparing for the final exam doesn’t have to feel like a Herculean labor. Welcome to your CLST 100 crash course, featuring memorable minute-long renditions of each myth on the syllabus…