Minute-Long Myths

Minute-Long Myths – CLST 100 Crash Course
By Alicia Lopez

Your time in Classical Mythology may be coming to a close, but preparing for the final exam doesn’t have to feel like a Herculean labor. Welcome to your CLST 100 crash course, featuring memorable minute-long renditions of each myth on the syllabus…

Sophocles’ Creon and the illusion of polis

Sophocles’ Creon and the illusion of polis
By Julia Ongchoco

One of the most salient binaries in Sophocles’ Antigone is the distinction between polis (or state) and oikos (or family).  In this tragedy, Antigone, the main character, goes against Creon, the king and her uncle, out of the desire to properly bury her brother. Her persistence in the name of family cascades into all sorts of problems for Creon, who continued until the end to resist her plea…