The Wealth of the Countryside

Claude Lorrain (1604-1682), Pastoral Landscape. Yale University Art Gallery. Virgil, Georgics 2.458-542 Translated by Sara Chopra   Oh, farmers, all too lucky – if they could only know their own fortune! – For whom Earth herself, queen of righteousness, Pours out a simple living from the soil – so far from the clash of the […]

Minute-Long Myths

Gods of Mount Olympus / Credit: Wikimedia Commons Minute-Long Myths – CLST 100 Crash Course By Alicia Lopez   Your time in Classical Mythology may be coming to a close, but preparing for the final exam doesn’t have to feel like a Herculean labor. Welcome to your CLST 100 crash course, featuring memorable minute-long renditions […]

The Hive

by Cate Simons   Georgics 4.184-227 Omnibus una quies operum, labor omnibus unus: mane ruunt portis; nusquam mora; rursus easdem vesper ubi e pastu tandem decedere campis admonuit, tum tecta petunt, tum corpora curant; fit sonitus, mussantque oras et limina circum. Post, ubi iam thalamis se composuere, siletur in noctem fessosque sopor suus occupat artus. […]