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  • Everything Old Is New Again

    Credit: Harvard University Press Blog Everything Old Is New Again Returning Translations to Their Original Meanings By Olivia Wells   Have you ever wondered what’s lost in translation? Now, I could mean this literally or figuratively – here, I ask it literally, in a Classical sense. Is there a straight path from Ancient Greek or […]

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  • Circe: A Human Witch? Reviewing Madeline Miller’s “Epic”

    Cover art of Circe. Credit: Madeline Miller. Circe: A Human Witch? Reviewing Madeline Miller’s “Epic” By Olivia Wells   If you’ve read the Odyssey, you remember the enchantress Circe. While the legendary epic doesn’t tell us much about her background, we know she’s wily like Odysseus; she has magical powers and turns men to pigs, seemingly […]

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  • Barbarians: Ancient History, Reimagined

    Laurence Rupp as Arminius in Netflix’s Barbarians. Credit: Netflix. Barbarians: Ancient History, Reimagined A Review of the New Netflix Series By Sara Chopra, Margaret Dunn, and Olivia Wells   When we encounter reimaginations of ancient Rome on television or in theaters, we often find ourselves watching retellings centered around the exalted perspectives and stories of ancient […]

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