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  • Graecia Capta: Sappho and Catullus

    Artwork by Mati Davis, based on Lesbia and her Sparrow by Edward John Poynter and In the Days of Sappho by John William Godward By Mati Davis   Sappho 31   φαίνεταί μοι κῆνος ἴσος θέοισιν ἔμμεν᾽ ὤνηρ, ὄττις ἐνάντιός τοι ἰσδάνει καὶ πλάσιον ἆδυ φωνεί- σας ὐπακούει   καὶ γελαίσας ἰμέροεν, τό μ᾽ ἦ […]

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  • Circe: A Human Witch? Reviewing Madeline Miller’s “Epic”

    Cover art of Circe. Credit: Madeline Miller. Circe: A Human Witch? Reviewing Madeline Miller’s “Epic” By Olivia Wells   If you’ve read the Odyssey, you remember the enchantress Circe. While the legendary epic doesn’t tell us much about her background, we know she’s wily like Odysseus; she has magical powers and turns men to pigs, seemingly […]

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  • Statues that Speak

    Source: Phidias Showing the Frieze of the Parthenon to his Friends Statues that Speak 5th-Century Greek Sculpture as Symbolism for Classical Age Ethos by Millie Huang   I. Introduction The Classical Age in Greece (510-323 BC) witnessed many monumental changes in Greek society, including the end of aristocratic culture and the spread of democracy in […]

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