Two Approaches to Examining Slave Presence in the Plautine Audience

Perspective view of a Roman Amphitheatre Reviewing Brown and Richlin in Conjunction & Comparison By Sara J. Chopra   I. Background   To the people of ancient Rome, spectacle was an immense aspect of daily life. Whether it be chariot races, festivals, or city-wide processions, these events collectively contributed to Roman arts and performance culture. […]

Antiquity’s Influence on Cutting-Edge Runway

Photo courtesy of Vogue By Anna Fighera Most accept classical influence as the sort which informs our present philosophical, political and legal fields. What would modern law, policy, and philosophy be without the guidance and inspiration of ancient thinkers? Despite acknowledgement of such relevance, many think classical influence ends there. Certain fields seem to require […]

The Hive

by Cate Simons   Georgics 4.184-227 Omnibus una quies operum, labor omnibus unus: mane ruunt portis; nusquam mora; rursus easdem vesper ubi e pastu tandem decedere campis admonuit, tum tecta petunt, tum corpora curant; fit sonitus, mussantque oras et limina circum. Post, ubi iam thalamis se composuere, siletur in noctem fessosque sopor suus occupat artus. […]

BLM x CLST: A Series of Interviews with the Faculty of Penn Classics — Part 3: Professor Cynthia Damon

Future Directions and Resources   By Elizabeth Vo-Phamhi, Sara Chopra, Cate Simons   For the third installment of our Black Lives Matter & Classics series, we invited Professor Cynthia Damon to talk about the relevance of the Black Lives Matter movement and the current reassessment of past scholarship in the field. She also provides advice […]

Bar the Dawn from My Bed

By Alicia Lopez   Amores 1.13.1-32, 35-48 Iam super oceanum venit a seniore marito flava pruinoso quae vehit axe diem. “Quo properas, Aurora? mane!—sic Memnonis umbris annua sollemni caede parentet avis! nunc iuvat in teneris dominae iacuisse lacertis; si quando, lateri nunc bene iuncta meo est. nunc etiam somni pingues et frigidus aer, et liquidum […]

BLM x CLST: A Series of Interviews with the Faculty of Penn Classics — Part 2: Professors Kimberly Bowes and Sheila Murnaghan

Looking Back, Thinking Forward: what Black Lives Matter means in our own department and discipline   By Sara Chopra, Cate Simons, Elizabeth Vo-Phamhi   In the first interview of the Black Lives Matter & Classics series, Professor Emily Wilson discussed the translation and reception of BIPOC voices in classical literature. In our second installment in this […]